5 Ways a Dating Relationship Can Cause Women Heartbreak

download (30)Heartbreak in a dating relationship can be a very painful thing.

It can cause you to act differently and it can push you to do and say things you normally wouldn’t. It can also cause you to forget and neglect the things that are most important to you, such as family, work, and ultimately your destiny.

Heartbreak can cause you to completely change, and lose hope of ever having a good relationship again.

While I think it’s important to take a break from dating if you’ve recently experienced heartbreak, I do think it’s possible to love again in the future.

I can say this with 100% confidence because I’ve had my heart broken numerous times; but when I took a break from relationships and learned to understand who I was, I found love and I have been married for over 16 years to the same man!

While we all will probably face heartbreak at some point in our lives, there are some things that you can beware of when dating. Below you will find 5 ways a relationship can cause you heartbreak.

If you can identify

Avoiding Dating Disasters The Second Time Around

download (31)After escaping my abusive marriage, it was quite some time before I could begin to see men with any measure of objectivity, for during the craziness that came with divorcing my abuser, I arrived at the convenient conclusion that all men were scum. My new mantra was clear and simple, and it felt good to finally embrace what felt like truth.

Having two sons, though, I knew they need not be destined for such a fate, and after more than two years of intense counseling, there finally came a moment when the high stone wall of disillusionment began to weaken, giving way to the remotest possibility of genuine relationship, when a flicker of hope began to warm my wounded, distrusting heart.

But reentering the dating world is not an easy thing after coming out of a relationship based on the lowest common denominators. I was admittedly terrified at the possibility of making another life-altering mistake that would affect not only me but my children. I didn’t ever want to play the fool once again or spend even one more night crying myself

Busting Myths About Being in a Relationship

images (6)Time for yourself is as important as the time for your significant other

You would think that being in a relationship will require spending a lot of time with your partner. But, personal time is still of great value. I sometimes lie to my boyfriend that I am asleep when in fact I am reading the latest book by my favorite author. Don’t get me wrong here. I love our times together, but I also give importance to the person I am outside of the relationship. How do I balance that? It is just a matter of telling him that I need time to fawn over my books and TV series. He will understand you, trust me.

When you are not in a relationship, your time is yours alone. Being in a relationship requires that you will have time for your significant other as well as for yourself. So if personal time is important, why do I still want to be committed to somebody? The thing I love about it is that you could get meaningful and valuable time both ways. You get

Things You Should Have Said to Your Long Time Crush to Make Him Notice You

images (5)Crush– a word we are all too familiar with. We all have that one (or a couple of) guy we have been attracted to the longest time. It may be because of his looks, personality or interests. Regardless, we badly want to go out with him and try to see where things are going.

But, the biggest hurdle in finding true love (or just to hangout) is that we are lost for words as we look into his beautiful eyes. Okay, maybe that is too mushy. Yet, we still fail to talk to him because we all got tongue-tied, like always. Here are some of the sure-fire things to say that will make him notice you.

“Yes, that movie freaks me out. Maybe we could watch it together!”

When you have the chance to talk about the latest movie, grab the opportunity to ask him out. Modern women are known for turning tables when it comes to relationships. So, don’t be afraid to ask your crush out with this subtle, but cool statement.

Be sure you don’t spring it up suddenly while you meet him

Why Don’t You Give Her Flowers Today and Everyday?

Do not wait for another chance. Seize the day.

The future is something that can’t be predicted. You may only prepare for it through acting on the present. What you sow today in your life, you will reap tomorrow. A constant effort of making her feel loved will convey how much she means to you. Actions do speak louder than words. But, more often, those repeated gestures are what contour the character of the person. For instance, if you say that you will cherish her forever but you constantly hurt her, then you are dishonest. You are contradicting all your spoken promises. This will make your loved one doubt your intentions. She will think that you are a person without substance. This article does not intend to form judgments. It’s acknowledging the fact that it’s about time that you let your actions speak for yourself.

Save your arguments. Here are 3 reasons why you should send her flowers daily:

  1. Why not make her feel special every day?

Okay, it might sound a bit too farfetched but girls love surprises. What more if you do it every day? I admit it’s not that easy on the budget. But hey, you can always choose to give

Tips to Avoid Being Friendzoned by a Girl

download (29)You wish to have a relationship with a girl you like but eventually you got friendzoned. It can be really frustrating when you are interested in a romantic relationship with a girl but eventually she wants you to just be friends. So how to avoid being friendzoned?

Be more mindful in picking your match. Being friendzoned sometimes lies on picking the wrong match. If you keep picking the girl not matched or not right for you, it is more likely that you’ll be stuck on being friendzoned. There are signs and body languages when women are interested in you. You must know how to read those signs to know if she’s into you. It is best to pick a woman who is more interested in you from the start to avoid being friendzoned.

Learn to be more attractive. Sometimes men are friendzoned because they are not attractive enough to the opposite sex. The good thing is that attractiveness is not an inborn trait, you can learn how to be more attractive physically and personality wise. By increasing the level of your attractiveness, you

Perks of Dating a Person With a Green Thumb

download (28)Good mannered, clean, understanding, compassionate, religious, tall, handsome, rich and the list of what our ideal guy goes on forever that our mom’s grocery list pales in comparison. We have this treasured list of qualities we want in a partner. What we leave out is for the person to ‘have a green thumb’ or who knows how to garden.

We ask why not when these people can give you these perks.

Free fresh flowers

Green thumbs are very good gardeners who are capable of growing even rarest plants. If you are dating one, more often than not, they have many flowering plants in their gardens. You can always use you bae card to pick the beautiful blossoms to decorate your home with. This will give life to your boring room or sad study space. The best thing about your boyfriend or girlfriend being a green thumb is that these beautiful flowers are free. Imagine the how much you will play florists with a bunch of cut flowers!

House smells fragrant all day

As you are free to pick blossoms from their garden, you can always choose

Weird Things Romantic Couples Do

download (27)Love is such a wonderful thing and it lets you do silly things. And nothing is crazier than doing weird stuff with the significant other. These things are perfectly normal that even other couples are doing them as well.

So, here are some of the weird things that couples do, whether they be in public or in the comforts of their beds.

Have Sweet Pet Names

From babe to baby to honey cakes, name it and you have a list of sweets to call your bae. Yes, those people in a relationship have a way with pet names. This especially comes out when you need something from each other or when you want some sexy action. But, couples often have pet names for their partner, which others may find corny. What adult called another “sweet boo”? Well, those people who are so in love that you see hearts in their eyes.

Have Farting Parties

A friend once told me that when you can when both of you can fart in front of the other, you have reached a certain level of comfort. This will show how

What Women Secretly (or Openly) Love About Their Men

download (26)Calm yourselves down! This is not about women being submissive nor deprecating women’s capabilities. This is you celebrating another of God’s wonderful creatures, the male species. Let’s look at some of the things we secretly or openly love about the men in our lives.

Women can depend on them

Sure, women are strong and independent and we want to be treated with equality, yet we also enjoy that we have a man we can depend on. There are those times we are clueless and scared to do things. Our men came as the ‘knight in shining armor,’ who don’t really save us, but held our hands as we go through life’s difficulties. It is okay to admit our vulnerability to the men whom we trust.


They have this innate thing of being protective of you. Can you remember the times you swoon so hard to men to take care of their sisters? You suddenly see them having children with you, right? We are completely capable of looking after ourselves that we find it sweet if others exert time and effort to show they care.

Women’s Remarks: Decoded (She Really Meant What She Said)

download (25)Women are complicated creatures. Women sometimes don’t understand other women, and they are of the same species. How much more difficult it could be for men to understand women then?

Let me help you decode some mind-boggling statements women often say.


This may mean Yes and No.

The key to knowing what she said may be hidden below the deepest parts of the ocean. But, take clues from past conversations. Pay attention to instances when she has said yes, but what she really means was no.


“Okay, okay” and “No, it’s not okay.”

No, it is not the sweet “Okay” shared between Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace. As decisive as she is, she may say okay when it is not. Like her Yes, you should look into her eyes and see for yourself if it really means it.

“It’s fine.”

No, it is not, most of the times.

There are times when she may be under the weather, and she doesn’t want to talk about what made her upset. So she says that it is fine. What it really means is that it is not fine. This is especially

Romantic Home Dates When You Are Both Busy

images (4)Relationships are not as happy as the montage of sweet and endearing moments you saw in movies. Most of the time is spent on work or school that you only spend so little time together. Yes, that is the reality of this life. But, the relationship doesn’t have to be boring and monotonous. Here are romantic date night ideas you may prepare at home if you are the busy bee couple.

Prepare their favorite food

Create a banquet of their favorite food. You can choose two courses with appetizer and dessert. For the years of being were together, you definitely learn a thing or two of their favorite things. So, choose one or two that will appeal to the taste buds of your partner. You can top it off with a fancy wine from the liquor store a few blocks from home. Finish this off through serving it in a cheesy restaurant-styled table arrangement. Can you imagine the fun (or disaster) while making this surprise dinner?

Recreate the first date

Step-up the surprise by recreating your first date. You can wear that shirt or dress

Learn These Facts To Impress Russian Women

download (24)James Bond did it and now you too could be dating Russian women. The planet is interconnected through the webs of social networks and multilingual meeting platforms. You can also encounter Anna Kournikova’s female compatriots in your daily life as in our time people migrate internationally more than ever. Beautiful and fashionable, these lovely ladies attract looks wherever they go.

So, how do you make a great impression on a Russian woman? Is there anything specific you need to know? Discover simple tips for dating Russian girls and you may score some extra points with your favorite.

10 tips to impress Russian women

1. Appearances matter. All girls pay attention to the way you look but Russian females are even more particular about a man’s exterior. Fashion and beauty are the two drivers, which girls from Russia cannot escape due to their cultural heritage. How tidy, clean, and trendy you present yourself is more important than your actual physical attributes. Of course, being good looking doesn’t hurt but it’s not compulsory. Neatness and style, on the other hand, are essential to score a date.

Men Dating Over 60 – The Good And The Bad

download (23)There is really no age limit when it comes to dating. Men are especially advantaged because they remain active most of their lives hence they tend to be ready and willing to date again even at over 60. Dating over 60 might not seem much of a challenge for many men, but whereas it does have a good side, there is also a bad side to think about. When you know what to expect both on the negative and positive, you will be better prepared to handle the relationship.

The good

One good thing about a man who is over 60 is that he is principled and more stable in every aspect of life. This means that he is not too worried about failed relationships and can handle practically any breakup easily. It makes it possible for such a man to keep trying until he meets a good woman he can work out a relationship with.

Men over 60 are usually financially stable. They have toiled in younger ages and they are now enjoying the fruits of their labor in retirement possibly. This means

How To Go About Dating Over 50

download (22)If you are over 50 and single, then it is most likely that you have been separated, divorced or widowed. The good news even when you are over 50 is that you still have your life ahead of you and dating is among the things that can excite and brighten your life again. Unfortunately, not all over 50 are as confident about dating again and some choose to remain single for the rest of their lives. If you are among those that still value a good relationship, then you should be prepared to go back to dating. It might mean overcoming a few challenges but when you put your heart into it, then you are bound to be a success. Below are a few steps you can use to start dating again and be a success while at it.

Decide that you are ready to date again

Have you forgotten about your ex and any past occurrences that might not be pleasant? You are as prepared to date again as you have gotten over your past. Never make the mistake of thinking that

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Strong, Independent Woman

images (3)Courageous indeed, a woman who’s independent won’t demand for your love. It’s either you give it or you don’t. She doesn’t care. For her, the only man who deserves her is the one who can keep up with her pace.

She knows her value and she needs a real man who understands her worth.

Are you worthy of her time? Do you deserve her love? If you are true to your intention of loving her, you’ve got to ask yourself these questions. She doesn’t see a relationship as a game. So if you intend to fool her, stop. Don’t involve her in your games. You wouldn’t like it, because like you, she knows how to get even.

Although a lot of men find an independent woman intimidating, she is still very much lovable. The truth is, it takes a good man to understand her. Truth be told, it’s also a bit hard for her to cope up with men pursuing her. For years, she has trained herself to never rely on others. She may appear brave and egoistic outside, but deep inside she is

Tips For Men Dating Older Women

download (21)Men prefer dating older women for a number of reasons. One of the major reasons is that older women are generally more mature and save men from lots of trouble compared to when dating women their age or younger. Older women dating younger men also have their reasons for choosing them with the fact that they are fun and full of energy being among the major reasons for the women. But in as much as it might seem easy for a man to date an older woman, this kind of dating needs to be approached carefully for good dating results to be enjoyed. If you are a man planning or looking to date and the older woman, then the tips below should help you be successful in doing so.

1. Never assume that she is desperate and innocent

She may be older, but this does not in any way mean that she is desperate and will be under your control. In fact, some older women can be vicious and manage to have a number of relationships going; you need to prove your worth

5 Things Girls Wish To Receive From A Guy

download (20)Not all girls are vocal on the things they want. Ladies are also quite confusing since they are fond of a lot of things. Furthermore, it even gets complicated when the guy is oblivious to what she fancies. There are special days in your relationship that you simply want to make her feel special. Admit it or not, you are here because you absolutely have no idea what to give her.

Don’t worry, we are here to make your life easier. Here is the list of solutions to your problem:

1. Flowers

It has long been a tradition to give flowers to a woman. But it’s not just tradition that dictates why girls love them so much. They reflect who they are. Flowers wilt and die but their beauty is ethereal. You can get these fascinating blooms from the nearest flower shop within your vicinity or you can easily order a bouquet of flowers online and send it to her as soon as possible! Do make sure that the bouquet you’ve chosen matches her personality. It makes her feel cherished knowing that you took

Steps To Make Your Over 50 Dating Awesome

download (19)Online dating sites have made it so much easier for seniors to date again. You can easily use such platforms to find potential partners you have things in common. There are so many singles out there and you need to be wise when making your decision so that you end up with the right person and in the right relationship. But even if your first trial to over 50 dating fails, you should try again until you find someone that makes you happier in more ways than one.

Step 1 Lay out your expectations

Knowing what you are looking for is very important before you even start looking for the right man or woman. As a woman over 50, a relationship that ends in marriage can be thrilling to think about, but you should remember that age might not allow you to have any children of the union. Luckily, when dating someone your age, you both probably have grown children and making babies may not be on top of your list. Just understand why you are getting into the relationship so you are

Five Questions You Should Answer Before Buying Flowers For A Guy

download (18)You have been eyeing him for as long as you can remember and daydreaming of the time that he will finally talk to you. You are so deep into the crushed whole that you decided to take the matter into your own hands. As a very a girl very sure of herself, you decided you give him flowers.

But, courage is not enough. Skill is also necessary for coming up with the best gift. Let me help you with these questions, you need to answer before getting him blooms.

1 Where can I get the flowers?

You may have an inkling of where you can find blooms– like the local market. But, you want to have access to the greatest deals, right? You should have a few flower shops in mind before you head out. This will help save time and effort. Instead of wasting your time strolling and finding, create a list of florists who can offer you the best. Ask those shopping-addict friends to go out with you to get their best advice.

2 What is the occasion?

Before you get your hands on

Steps To Make Your Over 50 Dating Awesome

download (17)Online dating sites have made it so much easier for seniors to date again. You can easily use such platforms to find potential partners you have things in common. There are so many singles out there and you need to be wise when making your decision so that you end up with the right person and in the right relationship. But even if your first trial to over 50 dating fails, you should try again until you find someone that makes you happier in more ways than one.

Step 1 Lay out your expectations

Knowing what you are looking for is very important before you even start looking for the right man or woman. As a woman over 50, a relationship that ends in marriage can be thrilling to think about, but you should remember that age might not allow you to have any children of the union. Luckily, when dating someone your age, you both probably have grown children and making babies may not be on top of your list. Just understand why you are getting into the relationship so you are